Can't get Guitar Rig 5 to work

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by killermanji, May 18, 2012.

  1. killermanji

    killermanji New Member

    I have a problem with getting guitar rig 5 to work.

    My system specs are as follows

    Intel Dual Core e2400
    1 GB RAM
    Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX
    Cort X-2 (Venom Skulls Edition)

    I first had an onboard sound card, I tried guitar rig on it, it didn't work at all. My friend had a cheap external sound card and he also had guitar rig and it worked for him, I figured my onboard sound card was the problem. So I bough a Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX and installed it into my computer. As my card was expensive, I expected better results than my friend. My friend doesn't have any additional equipment, he just plugs in one end of the guitar cable into the soundcard's mic using a connector, which I also have. He gets pretty good results with no latency or disturbance.

    I tried the same thing, guitar rig did produce an output sound, I was ecstatic, but then I changed the preset to a metal tone (A tone with distortion on) and every time I pluck a string, there's a sharp screeching noise that never goes away until I restart my computer. It seems to work fine with one of the clean tones.

    I tried an external USB sound card and it worked worse, it produced a screeching noise as soon as I started Guitar Rig.

    I was wondering if anyone here could help me with this, Is there a sound card that you tried that works with Guitar Rig, Do I need to buy any additional equipment. I've seen videos of Behringer Guitar Link working with guitar hero, it is expensive, I don't want to buy it only to find out it doesn't work. So, any sound card that you've tried that works?
  2. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Why didnt u buy an Audio interface instead of investing in an expensive sound card?

    These are some quick things that u can try:-

    1) Use ur friends external Sound card on ur computer and test it if the problem is ur sound card or ur pc
    .Similarly test ur sound card on ur friends PC

    2) Try using a different software for recording just for testing purpose. There are lots which can be used such as Audacity. Its freely available for download.

    3) Try changing the connector

    4) Try with ur friends guitar.

    This same humming noise use to come when i tried using Amplitube. I didnt use that software after that. And also there was some problem with the Mic that i was using....
  3. Mridumalay

    Mridumalay New Member

    Have u installed the ASIO drivers.
  4. killermanji

    killermanji New Member

    I bought the stand alone software-only version, the whole package (Kontrol Edition) was priced a little too steep for me.

    By the way, thanks for the reply.

    Are there any audio interfaces you know of that work with Guitar Rig?

    I only intend on playing guitar with guitar rig, recording isn't what i'm intending for, right now. My amp sounds really bad, my effects pedal is broken...

    Again, are there any audio interfaces that you know of? How about Behringer guitar link?
  5. killermanji

    killermanji New Member

    Yeah, I did, I tried both the ASIOforall and ASIOcreative, same results.

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