Canadian Soil Calls Out To Indian Farmers

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  1. Nanda

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    KOLKATA: Canada is looking for Indian farmers to take over hundreds of farm houses in the North American country deserted by ageing owners who have either switched livelihoods or migrated to their children’s homes in bigger cities.

    Immigration firms from Quebec and the port province of Nova-Scotia, to scout for entrepreneurs, said on Friday that there was a huge dearth of horticultural, agricultural and livestock farmers in Canada.

    “Many farms are lying vacant and need to be filled up. We welcome Indian farmers who can use these idle properties to turn them into profit-making ventures,” Sam Buffone, Vice President of Renaissance Capital Inc of Quebec told a press meet in Kolkata.

    Buffone said that they would tap India, China and smaller Asian countries for potential farmers willing to immigrate to Canada.

    Michael Mailman, Vice-President of another immigration firm Cornwallis Financial Corporation from the Nova-Scotia province of Canada, said the immigration of Indian entrepreneurs to the North American country was concentrated in bigger cities like Toronto and Vancouver at present.

    “But most growth opportunities lie in smaller centres and Indian farmers must tap that. The provincial governments have also announced lucrative tax holidays and subsidisation schemes to lure the business community,” he said.

    The duo who covered seven Indian cities including a few down south, said farmers with a minimum qualification of standard 12, a net asset worth of Rs one crore and 50 per cent carry-along capacity would be considered for the scheme.

    PL: Check this site for comments by the whites........
  2. Ankur_Scorpio

    Ankur_Scorpio New Member

    LOL..hey nothing to worry! it looks like this page is frequented by whites which r racists....and believe me...tht's only a handful ! in this huge canada

    and i have stopped worrying abt those few as well....cos with the legalization of gay marriages in canada...and growing trend of no children in white community...the future looks bleak
    ! as darwin said survival is of the fittest but.for tht too offsprings...r required :p:

    and the biggest prb with west is the media...they have only shown them the dark part of India all this while. :mad: ..the main reason for all those racist comments u read on site! everyday i read newspaper here Vancouver Sun....major newspaper...but they never fail to put the worst news possible from India.......most of the times tht news is not available in Indian Newspapers also!! ;)

    PS- Vancouver and Toronto to have whites as minority by 2010!! just some data tht might interest u...
  3. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    this was my reply to the article and to the racists there - dunno if they will publish it.

    looks like whites always lack something or the other !!

    first they didnt have enough knowhow to tell their arse from their elbow. thats till we taught them how to count and the arabs transferred indian, zoarastrian (persian) and chinese knowledge of astronomy and other sciences to the barbarian (ie. germanic) westerners.

    then they lacked spices and cotton and other raw materials.

    then they lacked natural resources so much that they looted the world hollow (asia, africa etc) via colonization.

    and finally wiped out the population of 2.5 continents (oz, north america and half of south america) and claimed the land as their own.

    then they lacked human resource so much that they started the triangular slave trade. Lloyds of london, is a huge company today - largely cos of the money it made transporting black slaves from africa to lousiana and then cotton from luisiana to liverpool.

    then the rednecks started lacking technical man power, so in the late 60ies, they opened their doors to the same indians and chinese who had taught them to tell their arse from their elbow a few mellenia back.

    and now they lack farm hands !!

    too bad the irish tenant farmers (later to be called as rednecks) have become worthless nowadays (too much inbreeding taking its toll - kids will 13 toes etc).

    well your time is up.

    in another 50 years the new world order will start begin to resemble the old world order and india and china will have 50% of the world's wealth between them, just like thay always did from big bang to year 1800.

    so say your prayers and count your days. we will bring things back full circle. we will own all your land, all your business, and all your everything.

    interestingly you guys had already come up with an apt enough description for the doom that stares you in the face.

  4. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Hey Jam 2.5 continets that is an interesting one ...... But whtever happens we will never see the Mayans , Incas , Aztecs .. The spanish ba5tars buried !!!!!! Burnt all their things !!!! Againg reminds me of RUN TO THE HILLS .......
  5. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    read "bury my heart at wounded knee" by dee alexander brown.

    the mayans, incas and aztects are very much alive (though their civilization and cities are dead) - as second class citizens in their own country.

    its the north american natives and those of ozzy land that are no more or nearly so.
  6. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Hey but these dudes in SA have lost all their culture and heritage .. whts the point !!!! We just have some xtra DNA smaples for studies .. thts it ... Hell !
  7. shak

    shak Harrr!

    hmm canadians on to filling their "freezer" again with our hard working labour? .. for what? .. second hand citizenships after 7 years? .. nothing remotely called equal opurtunity? .. they are just looking for work horses to work their frozen country .. when will we ever learn .. people find it so easy to go abroad and work for them while they find it a bother to work hard for their own country ..its a pitty ..
    and dont you raise a finger at me .. i had other reasons ..
  8. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Ha ha ....... I was thining of putting that point .. when i read ur ..... "and dont you raise a finger at me .. i had other reasons .."
  9. u & me r 1

    Jam head

    I could'nt agree more.

    Watch out WASP's

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