can u name this guitar???

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    ok ppl this thread is diff. just wanted to know sumthin...
    u know im a big fan of da group James. i just love their music. beautifully composed n da arrangements are here's wat i wanna know----

    wel u heard da song alvida frm life in a metro//grt song. now there's dat guitar sound in dat u know the somewat subdued sound dat is almost a trademark of James the band now...i love it sooooooo much. CAN NYONE TELL ME WHICH GUITAR IS IT?? one of my frnds told me dat its a THD guitar(God knows wat dat means)......another says dat it is a muted electric one. so guys plz name da thing.......also i wanna know dat is there some technique of producing this same subdued sound on a clean electric guitar?? plz tell....u c im a beginner in electric guitar

    CHEERS......////i can play the B# chord/////

    im miles faster..
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    Not Guitar

    ok .. i lot of people have confusion about this .. becuz of the video i think

    the guitar which he shows in da video is a fender stratacoaster .. and its not actually being played.

    the instrument being played is actually an electric SITAR (with a distortion)

    this is a pretty nu innovation and becuz it looks like a guitar so most people r confuzed .. glad sumbody asked

    search up google and u may find sum more models

    this one is a Rogue STR-1 Pro Electric Sitar

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  3. milesfastguy

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    Electric sitar?? oh i see.......i could never hav guessed dat....
    thnx for r reply.....u c i currently hav 2 guitars- a givson acoustic f-hole type,, and a washburn signature series im really interested in dis sitar....i wana get one,,but im sort of confused coz i heard dat its a bit difficult to master...n it has so many strings....i also heard dat it uses drop D tuning n im never comfortable wid dat....u c im frm srinagar kashmir n a guitarist here told me dat he used to play electric sitar wid Dm sus tuning,,,,so can u plz clarify on the instruments tuning....n electric sitars are not available here at all. a musical dealer here told me dat he has to order it....n so i guess he's gonna charge a lot....also i hav no idea how much it costs...

    plz can u tell me sumthin more about this instrument n where frm can i get it in india??


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