Can somebody help in identifying this song

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  1. BlueSpace

    BlueSpace New Member

    Hi all :) This is my first post, so much new to here and also the guitar world, and this looks like a great forum, congrats and thanks for those who made this :)

    so my first query is , can someone help with the name of this love song ? it's very popular, most of the car indicators comes with this tune ;), but i just can't figure it, i searched, searched and searched, i am sure once the name is available then the tab will be an easy find because of the popularity of this track

    i've zipped the file it's an exe "a musical greeting thing" embedded with the tune

    here is the link

    earlier i went to the but no one responded, so hoping, someone from here will come to help,

    all of you have a nice time, bye
  2. aurobindo

    aurobindo New Member

    Hans k gujare zindagi hai wahi aadmi....
  3. Lactic_Doug

    Lactic_Doug New Member

    dude that is "Für Elise" by Beethoven.
    Well thats the german name, i dont know if it has got an english one too.
    MfG Michael
  4. jayesh_diu123

    jayesh_diu123 New Member

    Für Elise is a very famous classical piece of music written by Ludwig Von Beethoven
    It is also known as 'Bagatelle in A Minor'
  5. BlueSpace

    BlueSpace New Member

    Thanks guy's, finally, i got hold of it, just downloaded the tab and is working on it, also there's another song a melodious one which is also popular, unfortunately i don't have any music file for it, all i got is a clue, and if somebody is here from south india, could help, that piece of music was in the Tamil film "Vaali" in the sona sona, could someone help please :)

    Thanks again jayesh_diu123, Lactic_Doug :)
  6. BlueSpace

    BlueSpace New Member

  7. aneri92

    aneri92 New Member

    dude how could u not recognise fur elise its one of beethoven's classics which is sooooo famous.....
  8. BlueSpace

    BlueSpace New Member

    because beethoven and me wasn't at the same school ;)
  9. BlueSpace

    BlueSpace New Member

    Meantime, i figured out the name of the second song, and got it's tab
    the song was Francis Lai's Love Story :)

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