Buying new gear.! (advice please)

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by orochimaru_adi, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. orochimaru_adi

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    Guys. planning to buy.My budget is upto Rs.40k. after some research, i m thinking to settle down for ibanez rg370dx( hope made a right choice) which would cost around 24k and spend the rest in some good 30watt amp. wont mind a second-hand amp( can save some bucks for a decent processor as well ):p

    Music style: no limitation. metal, classic rock, blues, blah!

    Vox vt30 , roland cube 30x, laney lx35r are some amps which interests me.

    m more keen to buying the vox but please advice me which one would give the proper tone and feel..m kinda spinning my head around these three.

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    I wouldn't recommend that guitar. And nor any of those amps. Not when you got a very nice budget and could get some pretty good stuff.

    Guitar - Look for a guitar without a double locking whammy. If you want one with a whammy that actually works without detuning, you'll be spending min. ~28 on the guitar alone.

    Amp - Look for a tube amp...nice ones at around 20k. See the Laney Cub series and BE3 ( ). Can also look at Blackheart and Blackstar stuff. Understand how tube amps work, so you know how many watts you want (loud cleans = more watts, power tube distortion at non-ear-piercing volumes = less watts, and maybe attenuation solutions/features)

    Then again, you might want to go for a modeling solution, so maybe a processor or a laptop+interface+software going into a powered speaker/FRFR amp might work better for you. More versatility.

  3. orochimaru_adi

    orochimaru_adi New Member

    damn..okkay..time to research again. edge 3 doesnt seem to be reliable..i play live and i had a guitar which detuned after every song i played. thats why i am looking for a double locking to stay in tune.. can i have some help and suggestions with a few guitars around that range(rs 30000 tak chalega).? also i checked out a few amps as well. tubes are good..low5-10 watt tubes come in my budget but again will such low watt tube amps help me get heard during jams? :(
  4. ultrabot90

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    Comes for around 30k, I think. Though it's still better to spend more on the amp than on the guitar.
    5-10 watts (tube amps) = fine for distortion. Said not to be loud enough for cleans. Research tube amps to know why.

    Edit - I mentioned modeling if you really know you want that kind of flexibility straight off.
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