Build your own Electric/Acoustic guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by sukrut, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. sukrut

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    There are a lot of us here I'm sure who would like to build their own electric or acoustic guitar. well I'm starting this thread for ppl to post links to e book or give their own suggestions.......

    no spams allowed. if u like somebody's post, rep him or donate points. do not congratulate him with a post like "hey that was great!"

    well i'll start by posing a link to a e book

    i'll keep postin new links as i get time.......hope u will too.....

    mods/admins please sticky this........ hope this doesn't get lost!

  2. sanguine_aki

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    Chords of "tare zameen par" title song

    hey guys... try these very raw.. please let me know the add-ons if you can:

    A Em
    dekho inhein yeh hain oos kee boondein
    A Em
    patton kee god mein aasman se koondein
    A Em
    angrayi lein phir karvat badalkar
    A Em
    nazuk se moti hasde phisalkar
    A D Em
    kho na jaayien yeh hhhh hhh taare zameen par

    yeh to hain sardi mein dhoop kee kirne

    utre jo aangan ko sunhara saa karna

    mann ke andheron ko roshan saa karde

    thithurti hatheli kee rangat badlde

    kho na jaayien yeh hhhh hhh taare zameen par
  3. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    what the hell are u doing!!!!!!!!
    didnt u read the thread!!!!!!!!!
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