bringing uniformity in posting chords...

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    Dear active participants and posters...

    Thanks a lot for your efforts in posting a lot of chords...

    We really delighted to play the songs using these chords...

    but one small thing is there... which we need to improve... when we are progressing towards professionalism

    we need to bring a uniformity in posting the chords... that will be neat, professional, easy to understand etc... (correct me if Im wrong)
    It really helps the dummies like me...

    In my opinion the way Roentgen posts is much easier and simpler and catchy... (need not to be the same format also.. the moderator can suggest a format...)

    Thanks and regards,
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    Good thoughts. I'm moving this thread to suggestions. This is something to work on and it'll be real good if we can get this kicked in.

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