Boondein- [Silk Route]CHORDS

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  1. Salil Charaya

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    koi ho yaado main
    Dm ....................Bb
    palko main boonde leya
    Gm ......C ..........Bb .....C
    aaiena bani yeah aakhe teri
    dheemi se kushboo hai
    Dm .....................Bb
    hawaoo ke jhooko ne jo
    Gm .......C ....Bb .....C
    chooke tughe choorai

    sanso ki raho main
    Dm Bb
    kya milsakenge kabhi
    Gm C Bb C
    dhoonde tughe nighe meri
    sathi the janmo se
    Dm Bb
    rahoo main q kho gaye
    Gm C Bb C
    manzil hame bullane lagi

    F Bb
    he hehehehe he
    F Bb
    heeeeeee ha ha

    nagama ho bheega sa
    Dm Bb
    yaa tum ho koi gazal
    Gm C Bb C
    har pal jise gunn guna ta rahoo
    F Dm Bb
    hoton se holle se sargam jo bahene lagi
    G C Bb C
    anee lagi chaee meri
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  2. auxigen

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    I love you Salil !!!

    I love you Salil !!!
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    gr8 simply awsome work u need to repped for tht
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    guyz plz reply for the post if like it coz its a gud work n me being a beginer knows how it feels when ppl just view the post n leaves without replyin ur replies keeps our spirit high
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    if you havent still realized buddy,salil is a copy paster.....i have porved this in 4 of his threads..... :annoyed:
    ppl at IGT are always ready to help...but some threads go unreplied for two major reasons...first-the chords may have already been posted and second-it may be a copy paste....
    salil's threads go unreplied coz they are copypastes..copy of work of other IGT members...this is not at all appretiated....
    copypasters are usually ignored,but salil has crossed the limits...and you can see the 4 threads in which i have proved this....
    so in short,if your work is good and cannot go without a reply... :beer:


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