Bizarre endings - celebrity deaths

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    Mamas and Papas star, Cass Elliot met with an untimely end when she choked to death on a sandwich in 1974.

    The frontman of the band Chigago met the same fate as Johnny Ace by shooting and killing himself in a game of Russian Roulette in 1978. His last words were, 'Don't worry, it's not loaded.'

    Cooke got the wrong room in his motel, after returning from a party in 1964. The manageress, who lived in the room, felt threatened and shot him dead.

    Shortly after recording 'Three Steps to Heaven', Eddie Cochran was killed in a car crash in Wiltshire, England. The song became a posthumous number one single in the UK.

    The INXS frontman was found hanging in a Sydney Hotel room in 1997. There was some speculation that it was an ill-conceived *** game that went wrong rather than suicide.

    Buddy Holly, along with fellow musicians Richie Valens and the Big Bopper were all killed in the same plane crash in 1959. Apparently, they took the flight because Holly wanted to get a good nights sleep before their next gig.

    Cline's plane crashed in 1963 on her way back to Nashville, after performing a benefit concert for the widow of disc jockey Jack Call who'd recently died in a car crash. To add to the tradegy, Country star Jack Anglin was killed in a car crash on the way to her funeral.

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