Bizaare+Come As You Are (Somethin different)

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  1. Hey guys back with..come as you are song...rerecorded with original guitar solo..and some changes in pitch and vocals..but dont worry...vocals..are still very low ...he ha...Lead guitarist messed up in the end ..but still good ending...
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  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    very nice..sounded like an instrumental :) ..vocals almost sumthing abt the vocal part of ur covers yaar!! :annoyed: ..where exactly in the end was the glitch in leads..i couldnt notice :think:

    anyways..keep 'em soooopa dooopa covers comin! :grin:
  3. ok...u were unable to find that glitch..let me tell u it was around 3:10..when guitar sounded like "tun"..and after that it was changed little bit from the original...;)
  4. comments guys...
  5. stalker

    stalker Banned

    Its was nothing different from the last time you posted it, apart from the fact that your vocals seem to have disappeared into thin air. You tone is a little better on this one (up the mids maybe?)

    Play it solo. Ask the drummer to go home.
  6. ok..nice to hear...ya we played like for hearing man...
  7. stalker

    stalker Banned

    The last line I wrote... I actually mean it. It seems you're trying to mask your voice and guitar with the drumming.

    Wait, are you the drummer?
  8. naa..u r new to a drummer and guitarist...and we dont have full time singer in our it...
  9. stalker

    stalker Banned

    So if I'm new to a forum does that equal I'm new to guitaring? If I'm new it means my opinion doesn't count?

    If that is the case then fine, keep playing your "original guitar solo"
  10. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    ^^well said boy!!;)

  11. arey..bro when i said that your comments are not accepted...what i mean to say is...i have posted so many recordings...and mentioned in all recordings that vocals are not that much clear cuz of a full time singer....tum log kahin se lad jhagad kar aate ho kya...gussa kahin ka kahin aur...maine pehle he mention kiya tha thanks for comments and your improvements comments...that's it...and stop pretending that u r the only one guitarist here..ok...there so many guitarist in igt who are far better than me and chill...
  12. vishal_rocks

    vishal_rocks Banned

    very very nice!
  13. stalker

    stalker Banned

    Ok I'll give you the IGT reply: Awesome, super. You have Jimi Hendrix's skill and Eric Clapton's tone.

    Can I be your band's groupie?
  14. @stalker what's your problem man...
  15. stalker

    stalker Banned

    Nothing at all.
  16. well where r u from..delhi? if yes than tell me what u can do..i mean guitar,drums,vocalist,bass...
  17. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ^^Lol :RollLol:

    he said it sarcastically! @ "Can I be your band's groupie?"
  18. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    guitaring was ok..
    i cldnt hear the voice...
  19. @vini this is not a joke dear...i was amazed when people(stalker creature) just dont realise that somebody put his efforts just to post a rec in the IGT. lol band groupie...kuch kar to saka nahin ..kam se kam safai ke liye to rakh skta hoon band main....

    @ansh thanks bro.....ya yaar actually u know na that we dont have ne full time singer na..that's why...
  20. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    troo troo!! :)

    u shud ignore(read-take in ur stride) such comments!..or rather ask him to show what hez got...i mean his recordings!

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