Bikhra hoon mein!

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  1. nocturnal

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    i want to know the tabs of this song..i just love the bit they have added after the part when he goes..teri saanson me gum hoon abhi..meri chahat adhori hai.. i really need the chords of tht. Any guitar whiz out there..plzzz help me out.. i want to play this version in a performance i have in a few days. i can play aadat with my left tht perfect with it! but this new thing theyve added..any1 out there who can help? and also i know the starting is done on flute or keyboards or whatever..but has any1 tried it on the guitar? Some1 be a lifesaver and tab this 1 for me!
  2. hani13

    hani13 New Member

    im dying for em too
    pls ppl
    lemme know
  3. munib

    munib New Member

    hi im munib, here r intro tab of bik....... by jal enjoy
    but u have to listen song carefully that how many times he played {this ,that} fret ok.
    {e---6-7-7-7-6-7-7-7-9-6 (4 time)}
    {b-8-7-8--8-7-8--8-7---10-10-10-10-10 (2 time)}
    {d-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4--6-6-6-6}then adat solo.....

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