Bharat Music House, Delhi

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    I noticed I was writing the same things again and again in every thread, so this is a separate thread with links. I thought it would be convenient to collect a few threads together, so that future newbies can be directed to a single link (this thread).

    I'm not saying that other stores don't dupe people but this place is just so blatant about it, and the staff, service, warranty, attitude, everything sucks so much that there is absolutely no reason to go to this place.

    There are plenty of alternatives that cost the same (or cheaper) and provide infinitely better service. Go to Bhargavas, Furtados, Onstage or Raj...

    Reading material if you are considering shopping there.

    That's my take on this place... I'm not a guitar gear god or anything but as a customer there needs to be a bare minimum level of respect, professionalism and service, dammit. You can't just set the bar so ****ing low that you start smelling brimstone. This store was not only the worst music store I've ever been to, it would be in the top five worst stores of any kind I've stepped into.

    So there it is, best of luck, and Caveat emptor.
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    The first winds of change on IGT...I'll say the obvious - STICKY!!
    Good work mate. o.o

    (I have a DOC of my 'guide', but a. It's unfinished despite having a few pages full of content simplified for a 'classic rocker's understanding, and b. I want it reviewed, and I don't know how well I'll take a public dissection. I do assure, that in its final version, if read by every noob before posting, it'll wipe out every noob thread here.)
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    Thanks ultra. I don't really need to sticky it... I'm just going to link to this thread everytime anyone mentions that store...
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    Too late to chime in . but wanted to
    I agree with all the posters about BMH .i bought stuff worth 30k from their shop in Ramesh Nagar, new delhi .
    I bought a wrong string accidently and when i went to the store to replace, they just wouldn't listen . I told them that i just bought stuff a few weeks back from their store worth my whole salary.. They didn't budge a little for 15Rs string.
    I felt like smashing all the instruments in their face :(

    Avoid BMH anyday.. Onstage or 440hz is also a good shop in lajpat nagar. i personally like bhargava as well.
  5. Evil.Bunny

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    Even i've been to Bharat musicals, and i can vouch for the fact that they are pathetic, its better to shop from Onstage or Furtado's right next to it, they are way better.

    I just ordered my Greg Bennett AV-3 from Furtado's at 11.5K.

    I usually shop from Raj Musicals though...

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