Beware of "DEV MUSICALS' Online Store, Bag of lies

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by JohnBonzo, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. JohnBonzo

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    Hi I ordered Guitar from Dev Musicals online store. Prior to this I have made atleast 50 online purchases from India and abroad and this has been my worst experience due to unprofessional, unethical irresponsible business practice followed by the person answering cell no published on their website. There has been a series of lies since 1st Feb 2014 for my order which was not delivered with new excuse every time and when we asked for money refund, the pointer was on us for not having provided the correct account details. In my opinion, I must share my experience so that you are aware and do not fall prey to low prices. The person receives the order asks the Customers to deposit the money and back orders the product which are shipped to customers directly. He has no courtesy to follow up the orders, only when customer calls, he promises to callback & inform the latest status which he never fulfils. He provides vague status of the order which is miles away from reality. In our case, he had no clue about our order even after 15 days of having accepted payment. Only when we called, he was at surprise as why he did not receive his copy of delivery Chalan and called the supplier. We came to know when we called again that, the product is not available and has to be made upon order and would take more time. Since we wanted the Guitar, we asked him to go ahead. After few weeks when we called again, he only then checked with suppliers and replied that, it will be shipped shortly. Next week when we called again, he said it has been shipped by speedpost. We waited for a week and called him again, he demanded 700 bucks extra as the supplier has made the guitar in rosewood instead of regular wood. We asked him to send the guitar and then we will pay 700 bucks, he declined and said only upon receipts of extra money the guitar would be taken to manufacture. Disgusted with his business style, we asked for refund and provided him the a/c details. His and ours bank is same(PNB). After 3 days when we called him today, he is saying the details you provided are wrong. Now you conclude.
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    Good Update. Keep us posted so that it helps others on the forum make informed decision.

  3. JohnBonzo

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    Well, I contacted some people who had ordered from him, some replied. Only one of them had actually paid the money and got his keyboard. It arrived in a broken condition and the guy at Dev Musical bashed him for breaking it, he has posted a review on Mouthshut.

    I had to threaten him with filling a police complaint to get my money back.

    Stay away guys...
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    Thanks for the update John .. Cheers.
  5. Hitesh12

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    Just wanted to know if I should totally avoid this site. I mean I must say their prices are very good. Are the cases mentioned in this thread are like, you know, the rare/unlucky ones ? I hope they are.
    Please share your thoughts
  6. JohnBonzo

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    I would suggest you totally avoid him... His site doesn't have any reviews or such was the main reason of this warning.

    I had to go through a lot of headache to get my money back, I sent out messages to many people with recent orders, a few called back and one of them had a similar experience.

    If you are still thinking about buying from that site, I would suggest that call him, check availability, and then purchase it.

    His site doesn't have credit/debit card transfer so you have to deposit money into his bank account, send him proof then he ships it.
    He can easily deny receiving the money on his end (which he did to me for a week), so be safe!

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