Between the puffs of grey clouds

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  1. Between the puffs of grey clouds i reach a place in my mind,
    Where there's no one to think about, where my me just unwind..
    I can sense his breaths below my neck
    A lions heart a saints sole
    I can taste his lips, just cause im me
    For others he’s tough goal
    Who are you oh crazy child
    U ain’t ever growning up
    Ur kiddish hissings in my internal ear
    .. led to a lot of throw-ups

    Enjoy even the bitter side
    As amusing as the cozy ones
    If I let u down any where
    I don’t know where u will run
    The grey clouds are all around
    I cant see any more than a few yards
    There is no limit no boundaries
    Thirs no freedom and no guards
    And that’s the same
    for you itself
    No one will come
    No one cares
    No matter how hard we call help

    I can leave u
    Go run away
    I know you are not afraid of this
    No matter from where
    U talk to the emptiness
    I will have to bear ur hiss hiss
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    nandy0894 New Member

    umm..i think it should be "amongst" the puffs of grey clouds..not "between"
    nice lines though :)

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