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    Essay @ 250 Words @ All about pickups !

    Electric guitars can be divided into two classes - in two ways. The first one is to decide between solid-body and hollow-body guitars, the second one is to decide between those with single-coil pickups and those with humbuckers. While the difference between solid- and hollow-body guitars is easy to understand, we need to know a bit more about the electric parts of a guitar to understand the different pickups

    The principle of a pickup is pure physics, called electro-magnetic induction (the same principle as a generator, or inverse to an electric motor). You need a magnet (permanent type) and a copper wire (other metals work also). The wire is coiled around the magnet several times. As long as nothing happens, we get a stable electro-magnetic field around the pickup. A vibrating steel string is disturbing this field and generates an alternate current. The frequency of this current is identical to the frequency of the string (see basics). If you pick the A string for example, the current of the pickup has a frequency of 110 Hz (not 440 Hz as in some guitar books). The voltage of this current is very low - you can't feel it, but if you have a voltage meter, you'll measure up to 200 mV, depending on the pickup type, volume settings etc. You can also plug the guitar output directly into the line-in of your computer, the signal is high enough. Guitar pickups have six magnets with the wire coiled around all magnets together. So the current contains several different frequencies overlayed, analogue to the acoutic sound of the strings. These currents are directed into an amplifier ("amp") which amplifies the signal and passes it to the speaker membrane, where we finally get the sound of our guitar.

    There are two main types of pickup. The single-coil pickup is - as the name says - a single coil wrapped around the magnets. Most Fender guitars use this type, it is responsible for the typical "Fender" sound: clear, crispy, biting. But it has a big drawback: it is very sensitive to electro-magnetic fields. A television, a radio, any electric device including amps generates a noise because of the coil. To compensate this "hum", the Gibson engineer Seth Lover created the humbucker. Two coils are wired together in series, but out-of-phase and the magnetic polarities are opposite, so they will eliminate unwanted noise but dublicate the signal from the strings - as long as they are wired correctly, otherwise they sound weak. I replaced the neck pickup of my strat with a humbucker in single-coil size which gives a fatter sound, but it's a different sound than a Les Paul.

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    I think that's a very good academic essay because it gives a lesson about physic. It also portrays the lives of two different characters drawn together by circumstance and together they explore each other's culture in an effort to discover their purpose in their lives. The essay is very good as a whole.
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    I have Squier Deluxe strat.
    However i want to upgrade my equipment. Should i go for new instrument like starting fender i.e around $1000 or to upgrade to original fender pickups of existing guitar.

    In later scenario which pickups shall i go for, as there are three to four options in "SSS" type on fender website. How to identify a good pick that will suit your requirement.
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    see if it helps..
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    a bit oversimplified and not perfectly accurate, but actually a decent explanation for non-technical newbies.
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    Bcrich, thanks for the link, guess i had come across this when i was doing research. However, i will collate all the information in a table like structure on fender pickups. That will allow us to take a better decision.

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