Best electro-acoustic guitar for Rs. 5000???

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by aparajit 909, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. aparajit 909

    aparajit 909 New Member

    My previous acoustic is broken, and I immediately need a good replacement.
    Today I tried gb&a and Kaps, but dont know anything about them.
    Any help would be great!
    And please, no Givson.
  2. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    well, i personally own a KAPS guitar and its pretty good, got it for 4.8k.
    but i would highly suggest trying out Pluto and Aria acoustic/electric, they are also good.
    Try RajMusicals in Patel Nagar, i got it from them. There is also another store right next to it, they also have great guitars. Go through both of the shops and do bargain on the prices, my guitar was quoted at 5.9k but i lowered it down by 1.1k (only because there was a tiny dent on the headstock) so look till the range of 5.5k and lower it down to your budget.
    You can also try Darya Ganj they have a plethora of shops there but i found Patel Nagar to be better (personal preference).
    Hope this helps you out.

    Raj Musicals
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  3. mihir94

    mihir94 New Member

    I didn't find one for 5k but my friend is quite satisfied with his Granada PRLD-18CEQ. Set him back by 7.5k.

    I do remember seeing one Hobmer for 3.8k. It had no special pick up but just a microphone. And they call that "Semi-Acoustic".
  4. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    oh yeah....granada guitars are awesome...i have one with me right now...its my friend's but i play it all the time cause my guitar's bridge needs to be changed.
  5. aparajit 909

    aparajit 909 New Member

    Hey do you guys have any idea how to sell my older givson venus spl? Just changed the strings and fixed the truss rod, as good as new? Could use the little extra money in increasing my budget...
    Not that it will fetch me a lot, but extra money doesn't hurt.
    So do i just walk into a shop and ask whether they wanna buy my guitar? Or anyone on the forum interested?
  6. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    I am not too sure, try posting ads online. Best of luck selling it.
    Always try to buy guitar and gear from known brands, that way you'll have good resale value.

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