Best acoustic guitar within 8k ..pref yamaha or ibanez

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by bidwan, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. bidwan

    bidwan New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Can you please suggest some Models of Acoustic or Electro_acoustic Guitars within 8K? I would prefer a Yamaha or Ibanez and I think you would agree with me that they are the best..

    I have shortlisted the below models
    Yamaha HAC 304, Yamaha CS40, Yamaha C40, Yamaha C70, Ibanez V70, ibanez v50, yamaha f370

    Please let me know other models in other brands which you might feel is better.

    Also I found couple of other models gb&a SJC 28ET4, gb&a SAG 110C ET4, Pluto HW41CE.

    Please help me out and advice.

  2. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    the average budgets gb&a SJC 28ET4, gb&a SAG 110C ET4, Pluto HW41CE are fine but pluto has a problem in the bridge which the wood will break.. i have used it., the sound is perfect though has some drawbacks in the fretboard, tuning knobs and bridge.,

    i have one YAMAHA F310 i prefer that for you., has the best sound, neat fretboard, a good guitar for your budget., not sure how much its costing here., it comes around 8k mine is an imported one..
  3. adzegeek

    adzegeek New Member

    I second F310 - I have F310P TBS - costs approx 7.5K brand new. It is not electro-acoustic though...
  4. sunny rizvi

    sunny rizvi New Member

    the guitars that u r mentioning in the list above are 2 different categories of guitars the yamaha c series are classical guitars
    if u r looking for an acoustic guitar u should definitely go with a yamaha f310 i bought my f310 from yamaha square for 6300 rs
    u can even look into the ibanez v series they will fit ur budget comfortabily

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