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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by zimaht, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. zimaht

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    Am beginner for guitar, any one suggest me which one would be the best acoustic guitar for the beginner.

  2. Hi,
    please refer to beginner forums... this question has been posted and answered many times. Also please mention which place you are from.
    A few local guitars people suggest for beginners are not available everywhere.
    I started with Givson standard G150 six string acoustic, which i highly recommend for it's durable frets and good strings, and awesome sound quality.
    However I have had people tell me that it is bad.
    Also please mention your affordability. If you can afford a yamaha acoustic, there is nothing better :)
  3. zimaht

    zimaht New Member

    Hi Abhay,

    I am from bangalore.

    Few have suggested me on granada guitars.

    My budget is around 5000.

  4. the1337est

    the1337est New Member

    Do yourself a favour and do not get a Givson. Check out Pluto HW41-201 Jumbo (Around Rs 4,500) or Granada PRLD-18 Jumbo (Around Rs. 5,000).
  5. I told you there are people who hate Givson lol

    Anyways, 5000 is an ok budget for an beginner's acoustic guitar. I remember going into a good musical shop on richmond circle when I was in b'lore.
    Check out the guitars in the beginners range. pick one out that you feel sounds great, and one that you like.
    PLAY every instrument before buying EVEN IF you do not know how to play! it is very essential to get comfortable with the guitar.
    Make sure the salesman shows you a guitar of your SIZE, nothing smaller would do, and anything bigger will be uncomfortable.

    All the best,
  6. abkinz

    abkinz New Member

    I purchased Pluto HW41-201 Jumbo. Though the guitar in itself is quite awesome given its specifications (rosewood and solid spitika spruce). However its action is quite on the higher side. It may not be the most suitable one for a beginner.

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