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  1. bosco

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    i m a beginner. i am feeling problem with strumming. i can play basic chords. bt can't play songs with basic chords. can any1 help me by posting the patterns of basic chords and audio(if posibl)
  2. vini

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    by basic chords...i suppose u mean all major n minor chords*
    check this link for all the chord's position/illustration and audio

    many threads have been made about strumming in Beginner's Q&A Forum..dont forget to frisk through that forum...i assure you, it would be of great help.

    once u know how to play all basic* chords..u can pick any for its chords..n get going.!! (if at all that song can be played out of the chords in ur knowledge)

    you must learn to be persistent wid ur effort and patient if u wanna learn guitar for the topic u need help has everything uL ever need..all the best!
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    even I posted the same kind of thread 1 year back in Igt:p: . Somebody suggested me two sites. One i Forgot, the other one is That site has good very good audio and video explanation of Strumming and Soloing.
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    chk all threads strted by user id bandbajja ....therz one thread which explains strumming quite good
  5. basit_jaaaani

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