Bassist and jam space needed in delhi

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by manku911, May 30, 2010.

  1. manku911

    manku911 New Member

    hi my name is mayank...i have a beginner band...performed a couple of gigs at college fests....we need a bassist to play hard rock and heavy metal(not death metal)....and also some space to jam...!!!
    any bassist having jam space can contact.....
    vocalists are also welcome....!!

  2. kshitijdhyani

    kshitijdhyani New Member

    Im a guitarist and a vocalist. I do bass too but dont have a bass guitar anymore. Anyways, What all stuff r u guys planning to do?
  3. manku911

    manku911 New Member

    we have two guitarists one can play bass but dont have bass guitar so dats why we are searching for a bassist...we ave a gig lined up in july....for some NGO...but only problem is we dont have space to jam....!!! and also the we need bassist!!!...anyhow...if you pick up a bass guitar sometym...think about us...
    we have some tracks by :sum41..Green Day...My chemical Romance in our previous gigs and sessions...and we share a common interest in hard rock...splyy..GnR..Aerosmith..AC/DC and some classic rock stuff(although our vocalist is not much of a screech guy)....

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