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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Sumanovo razor, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    do bass guitar need a different bass speaker or woofer or one can use normal speakers also(used with lead amps) for bass amplifiers... whats the minimum wattage for bass amp to sound good...
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Minimum wattage depends on sensitivity of your ears (and your band mates) and also the pounding style of your drummer.

    If you use a large diaphragm speaker - your bass will actually sound like a true bass ... unfortunately that won't be much audible over the rest of the band. Therefore ppl restrict the bass amp speaker to 10". The lesser the diameter, the less bass frequencies are producible accurately.

    Most bass guitarists prefer higher overtones of the bass rather than fundamental root note.
  3. wylder

    wylder New Member

    You can use any speaker but a pro bassist would use a good bass speaker cab to sound good.

    Now whats the difference between bass/woofer speakers and mid-range speakers? If you look at them, the woofers generally have a larger voice coils and stronger magnets for the same speaker size. So a bass speaker is not the same as a guitar speaker as their range would be slightly different. In other words, a guitar speaker and bass speaker will output different sound when connected to the same head.

    10" vs 15" - both are used by bassists. They have slightly different favorable characteristics - the 10" have faster attack, better upper range and sounds tighter while the 15" gives a good bass rumble. A 4x10" cab + 1x15" cab is a dream to play through. If you need a lot of overtones and transients, check out a Hartke HyDrive - their cones are a hybrid of paper and aluminium.
  4. wylder

    wylder New Member

    About wattage - bass amps have to move bigger speakers and hence will need a lot more power. So if you are getting a bass amp, I would suggest getting about twice as many watts as your guitarists amp for a band.
  5. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    what settings one will need to follow while playing bass from a p.a
  6. wylder

    wylder New Member

    Not many options there man... The mixing console's basic 3/4 band EQ can only make your bass a little bright/mellow. You could invest in a Bass Eq for starters, if you still got cash, go for a Compressor and then a Chorus. Or get a bass multi-fx.

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