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  1. lahiri

    lahiri New Member

    Hi All,
    A new member at this site, I'm primarily a rhythm guitarist. Need to play bass for this Pujo's program.

    I'm looking for bass progression/tabs for the following (mainly bangla but a couple of hindi as well) very popular songs. I'm sure this will be easy for most bass players.

    Thanks in advance.


    Song - Music Director
    Aha oi anka banka je poth - Salil Choudhury
    Shono mon boli tomay - RD
    Eto kache dujone - SD
    Jibon purer pathik - Hemanta
    Jhum Jhum Jhum raat nijhum - RD
    Behag jodi na hoy - Adhir Bagchi
    Sing nei tobu - Hemanta
    Ei mom jochonay - Nachiketa Ghosh
    Prajapati Projapati - Salil Choudhury
    Rim Jhim Gire sawan (hindi) - RD
    Chukar mere man ko (hindi) - Rajesh Roshan
    O aye re chootee aye - Salil Choudhury
  2. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Easy bass method

    You don,t need to get separate bass tabs for these songs. Since you are a rythm guitarist, I assume that you can find out the chords for these songs? All major and minor chords on a four string bass comprise of the root notes and their fifths. For example, both C major and C minor will be held by the notes C and G. Alternately pick the notes according to the rythm.
  3. lahiri

    lahiri New Member

    Hi Debankan,
    Thanks, I can find out the chords and basslines. Was hoping someone here has them done already and would help me out.


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