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  1. gypsysoul_19

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    I just play a little rhythm guitar. I have'nt had any formal training in guitar playing at all. I would really love to play the bass guitar, how do i go about it without any teacher or books?
  2. jayanth

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    Bass is kind of simple. If you are good at rhythem i e chords. Play the Note equivalent of that chord on the Bass Guitar. In a song, you may use chords , F G A E for example. On the Bass guitar play the note F G A E at the right timing. Also YOu can do a lot of tricks with Bass guitar. I will soon post those tricks on the Beginers Q&A forum. Please wait.
  3. gypsysoul_19

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    Hi Jayanth,

    Thanks for the help, will try it out. I really look forward to the bass guitar tricks that you're gonna post.

  4. jayanth

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    Till i finish my article, Got through stuff like SLAPBASS, RUNNING BASS.... Try Google search for these two terms and practice.
  5. Canucklehead

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    try (they have a lot of really good tips/articles/forums on playing bass). slapping/popping/sight reading etc
  6. Zion

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    waiting for your post jayanth
  7. jayanth

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    Its not complete yet.. Its a 15 page guide kind of a thing. I have written down most of it. Should not get it corrected for grammer mistakes and then print it. Its gonna sellt at the mere price of Print and Postage.. Nothing extra..
  8. tejas

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    Well bass playing is more than just playing the base notes of the chords the rythm guitarist is playing. You have to be creative. If you want to learn bass then listen to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Their bassist flea is the best bassist there is. Only in their songs will you see bass being used as a lead instrument. Also check out Seether. Their bassist is quite good too.
  9. jayanth

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    Check out Joe Satriani's Bassie... Stuart Hahm.. He's amazing too..
  10. sumit

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    u can basicall bass as playing the same lead of a song in bass or u have to simply the bass notes of rhythm in the same strummin pattern.......basically bass cn be divided among:
    power chords
    bass notes
  11. jayanth

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    Hey.. What????
  12. dhim

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    Query on Bass Guitars

    I too have been waiting for something on the bass. This thread has sparked more interest in Bass.

    Some Questions.

    1. Can we use the accoustic guitar for learning Bass. What tuning should be used?

    2. Some Bass guitars have 4 strings some have 5 strings???
    Note - The Bassist of Junoon Band uses 5 string Bass guitar.

    3. What level of expertise should a guitarist have to move to Bass???

    Thanx in Advance.

  13. jayanth

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    All bass guitars have 4 or 5 strings.. YOu can use acoustci for learning bass But it would be really stupid.. A bass guitarists need to know quite a few rhythem techniques.. Bu tthe finger techniques are completely different..
  14. dhim

    dhim New Member

  15. jayanth

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    I have read that.. Its nice..

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