Bass guitar and bass processor to sell

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    Bass guitar and bass processor to sale

    Hi Everyone,
    This is Sourav.I want to sale my customized bass guiatar and bass guitar processor of digitech.The condition of this processor and the bass guitar is too good,used for just 5-6 months.U can chk it out( u can see my profile pic 2 see the bass guitar)...If anyone wants to buy this processor and this guitar then contact me...Detail is given below:
    DIGITECH BP 200 Bass Guitar processor:
    Ease of Use :
    Not hard to customize your tones, editing is easy, the manual helps if you cant figure it out.

    Sound Quality :
    The sound quality is what you would expect from a multi-effects processor, decent at worst, ranging to pretty damned good. I like the pitchshifter effect, and the whammy effect, both have been utilized in my songwriting using the expression pedal to control them in real time.

    I dont get any noise from it.

    My setup is: Bass > Bass Synth Wah > Boss PH-3 > Overdrive > DigiDelay > BP-200 > EHX Pulsar > Boss RC-2 > Carvin RD100


    PRICE: Bass guitar ( Rs-5,000)
    Digitech BP 200 (11,000)

    If any one interested the contact me

    Detail about me:

    Name: Sourav
    location: kolkata--700059(near Baguiati)

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