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  1. tapandey27

    tapandey27 New Member

    Hi Friends,

    I want to purchase a BASS Amp and I am looking for Stranger.
    Could you please guide me which one would be good for me. Any other suggestions is also welcome. I have started learning BASS Guitar and going good. I have Yamaha RBX 270J BASS Guitar.

    Stranger PM40 Bass
    Stranger PM-102

    Thanks for your guidance.

  2. tapandey27

    tapandey27 New Member

    Please reply soon......I am in a little hurry.
  3. wylder

    wylder New Member

    I have used a Yamaha RBX 374 into a Stranger PM-102 and I think they work very well together. The amp has enough volume and clean headroom and the 4 knob equalizer is very useful too.
  4. tapandey27

    tapandey27 New Member

    Thanks for your reply wylder! So, what is your sugg about Stranger PM40 Bass? Should I go for it?
  5. wylder

    wylder New Member

    I frankly do not know about PM-40 but I guess it should be fine if its similar to the 102. I have also tried a bass on 40W and 80W Stranger Cubes before. They are quite usable too...

    Just keep in mind the following:
    For a jam session if your guitarist uses a 15W amp, on bass you will need at least 30W to keep up.
    If the amp has a single speaker, a 12" speaker cone is ideal. Anything lesser than 10" will sound pretty poor when turned up, especially if the amp was not designed for bass guitar in particular.
  6. tapandey27

    tapandey27 New Member

  7. fena

    fena New Member

    i'd stay away from stranger man, as far as i've experienced. apart from low quality tone, i always encounter bad internal electronics in the long run.. i'm currently using a zar 60w amp, though they are classed in the same tier, they play better than the cheap strangers i've tried out. but first, be clear on what or how you are going to use the amp. if its STRICTLY for bedroom practice, than its better to get a small 15-20w laney or hartke at the same price IMO. if you are going to use it for jam sessions, you might want to save up and buy a better-quality + more-watts ampli...for example, i went the cheap-but-loud route, though i use my 60w amp mainly for bed room practice <with headphones>, i bought it because we frequently have community gatherings in my area (around 50 people) once a month or so; and it really serves my purpose well. also, wylder's comments on speaker size and wattage are sound advice.
    when buying bass amps, think smart man; but more importantly think BIG :)
  8. tapandey27

    tapandey27 New Member

    I am looking for room practice with few of my friends.
    Would you suggest me for:

    Marshall MB30W
    Stranger 40W

    which one would be the best among these two? I am in a little hurry to buy this. Some of my friend(s) say that Marshall MB30W would be the best for room practice?

    Your suggestion is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance:)


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