Band Needed London, UK!

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    I really want to start a band, Im was brought up on stadium rock (Bon Jovi, Van Halen etc...) - so I would like to play that kind of stuff, but I really want to write my own original stuff...

    I think it would be really kool to combine eastern instruments with the rock and metal of my Ibanez! =P I have dabbled in this, and it sounds really kool...

    However, I need; a good singer (preferably punjabi influences...), Bass, Drums... I can get hold of a good tabla player, and I dont think Dhol players are hard to come by!

    If anyone else thinks all new 'indian music' is reprocessed old tuti, with no originality, and you can play something, let me know!

    - Oh yea, another guitar player never did any harm!

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