Bajaao website is it a scam?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by dharmana, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. dharmana

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    I am not comfortable with this website. I called them many times to enquire about a product but no one ever picks up a call. When i send a request about confirmation of availability of product, there is no response. I just get an automated reply saying that one of the representatives will get in touch with in 24 hrs. But no one ever calls. Customer service is zero.

    I wonder what will happen if I order. There are some internet users whose products have never been shipped to them after payment, that is what they say. Did anyone have similar experience with this website? Their online store sounds too good to be true. They have all the latest guitars, effect pedals and amps on their website for display which are not available at any other musical store in India. Did anyone shop at How was your experience?
  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    wat did u inquired about? I never faced any issues with bajaao's customer care (i contacted only thru emails) but i always get my replies. I never ordered anything till date but i've heard from people that they dont pick up the phone... i dont think it a scam. I know people who're pros and they orders stuff from bajaao.. try joining their facebook page and try contacting them thru that as well.. u might find some reviews there as well ..
  3. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    Yeah there are only 2 guys there. Aushtosh and shaun. They don't pick up the phone that often. Earlier they used to call you back even if you just left a missed-call.

    I've shopped through them a few times. They are a bit expensive, but they stock good products and ship quickly. But i haven't dealt with them in 2-3 years -- so don't know about the service now.
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    bajaao is very legit. i've only dealt with them once and was satisfied on the whole.

    you need to observe the hours listed on the website when you call.

    i've met ashu a few times and he's an upfront chap from what i can tell.
  5. distorted

    distorted satan

    i shopped once, some two yrs back and got my stuff on time... never tried callin up but their reply to email queries were reasonably prompt.
  6. knopfler

    knopfler Gear Guru

    Guys, this is Ashu from BAJAAO. We have faced a lot of communiction issues over the last few months, mainly because of some staff problems and because we expanded our operations to include B69 (, which is Mumbai's first underground venue for rock and metal bands and BAJAAO IT! ( which is our live sound division.

    Dividing our time between Bajaao and the new operations did cause some problems (I lost 5kg in one month :p) but now we've got additional staff on board and are able to cope up.

    If anyone has a problem getting through, keep these numbers in mind:

    Shawn - 91-9892130794
    Roop - 91-9819511807
    Ashu - 91-9320038513
    Rajesh - 91-9821016889

    You can always send an SMS if the line is busy. Cheers!
  7. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Wow. Nice. Waiting for you guys to expand to Delhi too.

    (and that's the second recent thread where questions were raised on certain establishments, leading to the people of the establishments concerned actually posting, and we can only assume that the clarification must have caused extreme humiliation to the respective OPs :RollLol:)
  8. flood

    flood New Member

    ashu mah man! didn't know you posted here. catch you around sometime soon, hope all is well.

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