Back after ages.... Wid my junoon performances :)

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  1. Shailja

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    heyllooooooo IGTians..... GOSH did i miss you!!!... been keeping quite tied up back here in Mumbai for the past year i've been here now!..... sung for a couple of upcoming movies as well, apart frm doin live fusion n sufi shows around the country n beyond, all thanks to ur consistent motivation and constructive criticism.... THANK YOU frm the BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!

    herez a couple of clips fer ya'll to catch up on ;)... shall upload some latest videos soon as well.... need sum time for that..... till then, enjoi :):)

    for those not knowing, these are my appearances on the show LUX JUNOON KUCH KAR DIKHAANE KA on NDTV Imagine... i was in the sufi gharana in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Saahab's team ;)

    the links:
  2. Keoraf

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    Hey Reecha, welcome back girl, i really missed you, thought for a while you forgot us!!!
    Listened and watched your performance and i have to admit, i'm still speechless, what a voice girl!!
    I think the second link, Meri Bukul, was the best. I'm not saying the other were not, not all, but the first and the third, your voice wasn't that steady, some Sur faults, but i think you already know that. But its nothing to be worried about, when someone owns such an amazing voice, its just something of little value!!!
    Hope to hear some more from you real soon girl, so take care and keep surprising us with your wonderful voice girl!
  3. Shailja

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    thanks keo... yea... i know watcher saying.... one of the disadvantages with reality shows is that we shut up n sit on that seat for over 10-12 hours, without sayin anything.... u get so damn tired, and my voice jus shuts down if not kept warm by humming and singing a couple lines every 10-15 minutes...n i was the last one to go up n perform in both those episodes..... bukkal me i was backstage wehre i kept singing.. hehe.... therfore the mess.... but yea, i REALLY need to do sumthing about this....will work on it ;).... las episode, i was sick.... annu ji mentioned it in the show.... thanks a lot for ya feedback tho.... mwahhhzzz!!!
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    ... aaah, welcome back, chocolatey eyes!

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