Atif VS Jal

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by mubz, Sep 24, 2004.


Who is the best atif or jal(gohar)?

Poll closed Oct 4, 2004.
  1. Atif

    12 vote(s)
  2. Jal

    8 vote(s)
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  1. mubz

    mubz New Member

    Hi guyz plz poll at who is the best ATIF or the JAL(gohar)?

    W H O R U L E S!!!!

    ATIF OR JAL :rule:
  2. DaNy

    DaNy New Member

    Atif Iz Da Best

    ATIF iz da best
  3. zain

    zain New Member

    Jal's da best .. .. .da real true ppl ..

    atif nay goher kee saari composition use keeen he sux atif sux atif sux
  4. mubz

    mubz New Member


    @@@ FOR THE FANZ OF JAL @@@
  5. mubz

    mubz New Member


    @@@ FOR THE FANZ OF JAL @@@
  6. DaNy

    DaNy New Member

    wat eva! but no 1 knws da true story abt dat but in songs Atif Rulz Atif Rulz Atif Rulz Atif Rulz :p goher is only a slow jammer
  7. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader


    Exactly Goher Cant rock like Atif but well done to goher's jal for a wonder ful album... and everyones looking forward to atif's album....

    RJ :rockon:
  8. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    hey guyz, I guess Goher puts in the life in the song ... very true that Atif ROCKS ... but Goher RULES !!! ....

    i heard aadat a month back for the first time ... and now Goher and Atif are an inspiration for me ... THEY ARE AWESOME !!!... just a little sad that they split .

    take care.
  9. Venus

    Venus New Member

    I think that Gohar is better because he came up with Jal, the compositions and the lyrix....etc.etcc.. but Atif has a really nice voice.....So in my opinion, both are good in different ways....shame they split up.....
    @Rizaaj:Atif;s album was out b4 Gohar's, its called Jal Pari, dunno whether u knew that......:)
  10. badullah

    badullah Dark Inside

    one things for sure .... atif ain coming out with a quality album again .... songs claimed by gohar that he composed DO rock and yeah the ones atif supposedly origionally composed do not grundge ..... simple slow strucmming numbers......

    i kid you not ... i see dead man walking.
  11. bctian

    bctian New Member


    Guys this is nothing about atifs and ali gohar its about who is giving good music well if we get into it they both will suffer in th eend althoough the band brooke up but we must all look at there best performance, so what if its a copy or so means nothing, like if junoon break up they are nothing till then they are a group as what are groups for, no one can do all the things, u can easily figure out there is something missing in boths music wheter its atif ot ali they both are missing each other skills, any how might u people get my point.

    see ya bye
  12. ijlal

    ijlal The B chord

    Atif Roxx.....Gohar disappointed his fans by making " Bikhra hoon mein " and Manchala Type songs..Farhan RUINED the title song Aadat....No one can ever sing Aadat better than Atif...and they(fans) all know it but they will never go say any thing abt that...they are dissappointed ..........

    but mee not....Atif Rox buddy..
    Farhan Vocals Suxx.
  13. i am waleed

    i am waleed New Member

    hey i think atif is much much better. but i liked jals version of dilharay and lamhay better.

  14. DaNy

    DaNy New Member

    guyz and grlz i think that if atif and gohor reunite they are going to rock cause i am missing goher guitaring in atif z album and missing atfiz voice in goharz album
  15. hammad11

    hammad11 New Member

    yeah man both of them r very talented ...... if they reunite...they can rock whole pakistan together... yeah ? but gohar's compositions r only his compositions... stealing, cheating and decieting is another thing :) take care.
  16. hammad11

    hammad11 New Member

    n yeah 1 more thing Dil haray and rangoon mein r better than atif's and even lamhay and bikhra hun mein r kool aswell.... :)
  17. zain

    zain New Member

    goher roxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Worng Form ! :mad:
    Atif RuleZ !! @ his Talents
  19. badullah

    badullah Dark Inside

    I think the song "Teri Yaad" is amazing and Farhan soiunds amazing, he can sing meloow-er songs better than atif ... like lamhay is SUPPOSEDLY a slow sad song and one should not sing it while riding a horse ... like atif did ..... but yeah no one can sing adat like atif can one.
  20. DaNy

    DaNy New Member

    yeah dats rite no 1 can sing like atif
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