Ask for any hindi solo tab - reply assured

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by sujitcool2007, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. sujitcool2007

    sujitcool2007 New Member

    just ask me for any tune or solo of any hindi song and i will try to tab it as fast as possible...
  2. guitar_freebird

    guitar_freebird New Member

    3 Idiots_Give me some sunshine

    Hi can u plz provide d electric leads for Give me some sunshine...Thanks a lot for d help.
  3. tika0614

    tika0614 New Member

    id like tum chain ho unplugged tabs.. the entire song thanks
  4. ajayverma12jan

    ajayverma12jan New Member

    do lafso ki hai mari khani

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