Are Chords Hard to guess?

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  1. doyousmell2003

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    Can anybody tell me how you get chords that go thro a notation?
    meaning that e.g. I hav notation as A...c#.....E I would probably get an A chord
    but this doznt always work
  2. annand

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    i'm sorry, but i don't quite follow what you're trying to do. please explain exactly what you're trying to do so that i may be able to help.
  3. amit82cse

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    Start with some basics....

    A B C D E F G

    But they are not equally spaced. In general there is one fret difference beween any two consequitive notations. So we numbered the notations like this....


    So there is no gap between B & C and E & F.

    Second point, increasing one fret give you sharp (#) notation of that note and decreasing one fret give you flat (b) notation of that note.

    Hence B# = C, B = Cb, D# = Eb

    So now, how chords are formed...

    Major chords are the notations at cound 1 3 5 starting from the root note.

    So for A major notes will be = start from A and take each note at position 1 3 5
    = A B C#

    Some times we add 5 also in the power major chords so for A major notes will be = A B C# E
    No you play A major on fret 1 (i assume that you know how to play) and write down all the notes played in that chord. you will find that it has exactly notes mentioned above,

    This is just the starting, you have patterns for minor chords add7, add9, add11, sus2 sus4 variants.

  4. doyousmell2003

    doyousmell2003 New Member

    Ya i know those things. What i want to say is if i hav a song and that has a stress on say note A. I assume a chord of A there.

    e.g. O mazi re (kishor kumar) ----- Pa ni ni Sa. ( G Bb C...... C Bb Bb G G E) then i take Cmaj & C7
    is this how you get chords for a song?
  5. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    I dont think so. Melody can be completely different from chords. Sometime if you can play notes over melody and you see some stress on a simgle note, you might guess the chord but its possible that its not that chord at that place at all.

    For chords, i listen to the song and try to play along with it starting with any random chord and then keep changing the chords. Most of the time you find atleast one chord knowingly the place where it has to come in the song. From this point now you backtrack to find the adjacent chords and slowly slowly you can play the whole song.
  6. rocksta

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    when u say backtrackin to find adjacent chords...u mean theres a certain chord progression u hav to follow right?
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  7. sixstringsin

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  8. zing

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    this is from anothr post

    "once u get the notes in the song u need to figure out which scale it fits into -- once u get the scale ther r common chord progressions that u can try out based on the scale notes [ I II III etc] these r like-


    so if a song fits the C major scale, u try out diff chord progressoins
    e.g. with I-IV-V chord progressoin the chords wud be C, F, G [experiment wtih C7, Fm, Gm, G7 etc etc]
    if I-IV-V doesnt fit then try II-III-VI [ D, E, A etc etc] - almost every song wil fit into one of these progressoins"

    u can see the complete thread here
  9. rams+ein

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    yes its hard.....practise baby/dude....practise man/woman perfect :)

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