Anyone wants to learn guitar

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  1. bstr8mf

    bstr8mf New Member

    hi guys ...
    if you are one of those people who wants to play guitar but dont have time or money to learn it.. i can help you guys by sending or posting to play guitar.. the reason i have decided to do this cause there are some people who are not into western music that much as compare to pakistani or indian songs...and also when i started learning i couldnot find any website or video links that tell you from basic . i always used to get confuse with those videos and couldnot ask or figure it what exactly they are talking about i mean they never explain in details ...if you like i can help you guys from very basic lesson and so on.. let me know if any one interested.... thanks
  2. aayush69

    aayush69 New Member

    help me!!!!

    hi i hv rd ur thread plz help me if u can i hv bn playing guitar for 6 months n hope ur videos n tabs will help me a lot...
  3. rishi_85

    rishi_85 New Member

    Hi dude,

    I learn guitar for 2 yrs, but still m nt able to find chords of any songs.
    Please help me out.

  4. bstr8mf

    bstr8mf New Member

    aayush69: aayush if you can tell me what you have learned so far and if you ever being to music school or what.. ...

    Rishi_85: rishi if you can tell me the songs you are looking for ill do my best to get you the songs chords and also try to get you the strumming pattern ..

    thanks guys..
  5. chickenla

    chickenla New Member

    hey! i jst got the guitar for my birthday and i have no clue on how to play. help me too please
  6. rahuldcrust

    rahuldcrust New Member

    hi.nice job plz send me some videos ...i m mechanical engineer so i cant find time to practise .........plz send me some good videos
  7. bstr8mf

    bstr8mf New Member

    hi guys.... thx for your reply's well since there are some wants to start from the basic so i think its better if i start from very basic..... and we all can help each other.... how about we start with know each other.. so ill start with introducing... my name is raheel.. i m in from canada... n playing guitar was my dream since the beginning and this is 1st website that i actually rite something on n stuff and as well my 1st video ever its gonna start cause of this website.. and on... so guys.. do introduce yourself.. so that way we can have fun while learning....
  8. bstr8mf

    bstr8mf New Member

    hey guys

    i wanted to find out if you guys need video for the basic lesson 1st or what?
  9. YADHU

    YADHU New Member


    hi thanks for ur co-operation for us..........but i m learning since 1 year but i m not able to find d chord for songs .......tell me how to find n also tel me d basic needs i mean basic concepts

  10. ru4me

    ru4me New Member

    ok good work man i have just strumming problem other things may be good but my strumming is very pooor plzzzzzzzzzzz help me through your VIDEOs
  11. amit039

    amit039 New Member

    Hi all,

    I just started learning Guitar though couldn't find too many helpful sites for indian type music. Can U guys help me with some basic tutorials.

    Thanks in advance..
  12. steveljohn8

    steveljohn8 New Member


    I have been trying to learn Guitar from last 4 years , but still i am not able to judge what i want to create.
    Can anyone here Help me..
  13. bstr8mf

    bstr8mf New Member

    u need to know atleast basic of guitar or music.. there are some tips that can help you locate chords and stuff.. i mean if you know where Am chords is you should be able to find all the major bar chords.... if you are interested in learning indian songs go to youtube and search for "pjalan" this person have a channel on youtube by his name PJALAN subscribe to it and you will be able to find alot of indian songs. he will teach you in a very nice manner ...
  14. bern86

    bern86 New Member

    can anyone post me some tamil songs guitar chords?
  15. yana209

    yana209 New Member

    count me in.. i only started learning 6 months ago.. i can play open chords ( little battling with FMaj though), can play barre chords but the only problem that I have is keeping the strumming consistent while I'm changing the chord. I'm still working on it and i can't play any song at the moment.
  16. abhijit12

    abhijit12 New Member

    Is there any good online course available ?

    - Platform for indian Artists
  17. atifalibhatti

    atifalibhatti New Member

    thanks for your help in advance. I need ur help.


    I need your help and will be greatful if u could help me.

    Thank you.
  18. ojhaamit10

    ojhaamit10 New Member

    i am intrested in learning .can u send me some basic which i can learn.
  19. Nishiva

    Nishiva New Member

    It really depends on what kind of guitar you would like to play.
    Acoustic or electric?
    Both sound great. However, starting on the acoustic is recommended.
    It is much cheaper (no need for an amplifier) and it's great to get used to playing guitar.

    I, Started with playing on a acoustic guitar. Practicing the basic chords, beginner songs, so my fingers would get used to it.
    Now I am playing on the electric, and still learning more..

    Hope this, kind of advice helped, good luck.
  20. nsujit786

    nsujit786 New Member

    hi, Yes I m intrested. I know only C scale of guitar from three different position. I quickly want to jump into chords. Is it possible ?

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