Any tunes to recommend?

Discussion in 'Carnatic Music of South India' started by Seelan, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Seelan

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    Hey guys , recently one friend of mine thought me some easy tunes which sounds Indian Classical kind , yeah and I'm sort of interested in that music but I have no idea with the way tabs are posted here . Guess its all related to carnatic way of tabs , but can some1 post up some easy tabbings ? Like the 1 i learnt , you have to TUNE your E string (6th string) to A and ...

    PS : Tune the E string to A note.

    Yeah so can some1 post a easy tab with an Indian classical feel of music for beginners?

    Thanks in advance ,

  2. artmyxolydian

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    in drop D tuning
    G - 7
    D- 0
    A - 0
    D- 0

    use that as an anchor and play any scale

    eg : Hamsadhwani
    in D,
    D E F# A C#

    hope that helped
  3. zing

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    raag malkauns i think -- just play the top & bottom E string alternatively like so...

    e -0------1------4------5------7------8------11------12------
    E ---0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0-----0-0-----0-0-

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