Any good websites on learning to play guitar fast?

Discussion in 'Find a Guitar Teacher or Classes' started by ShredGuitar, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. ShredGuitar

    ShredGuitar New Member

    Are there any good websites out there on learning to play the guitar fast?
  2. karunrocks

    karunrocks New Member

    Google Justin Guitar
    Website :
    Desc : Awarded one of the best known online tutor website from Basics to Advanced.

    I myself have learned playing guitar from zero level to some consistent amateur level. :D
  3. ShredGuitar

    ShredGuitar New Member

    Nice to meet you. Thanks! I'll take a look. I just found one that looks pretty good too: website:

    Best wishes!
  4. biswajitbasu83

    biswajitbasu83 New Member

    There are great many good sites for guitar tutorials. However, if you're teaching yourself guitar, I'd recommend that you start by learning guitar chords first. You can learn all the major, minor and seventh chords fast just by memorizing the finger positions. I also recommend you buy a book for guitar chord. Any book will do.
    Personally I found this book absolutely helpful,
    Buy Guitar Chords Book Online at Low Prices in India | Guitar Chords Reviews & Ratings -

    That was the Amazon link. Read the review before buying. This is not promotion. You've got to decide on your own. It's Mel Bay production. Learning 3 chords per week will be great. What's great about this book is that you can learn the chords just by checking the finger positions. However, notes are also shown at the bottom of every figure. Book's cheap and has a very brief, to-the-point approach.

    I suggest you get this book as soon as you can.


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