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    Hi, folkies and music peeps !

    its great to know soooooooooo many music lovers here, and guitar players ;-) . On my own I found to music via piano (7-8 years classical education + church organ 2-3 years).... when I was 17 (it was the 80th of last century) I had the gift to meet the 3 biggest guitar players that time, not personally, but within an open air concert listening to Al Di Meola, Paco De lucia and John Mclaughlin. What a memorial concert. So you know how I came to Indian music... yep.... Flamenco and John's Mahavishnu Orchestra + SHakti-Project opened me a new world of sound and culture..... so lovely..... 17 years later I got the chance to interview John for a 28 minutes TV special (pls dont think now that I play good guitar)... stunning.

    On my own I do little bit self studying on guitars.... I have a semi accoustic TOKAI TES 100 JSB (built in 1986) together with an Ibanez UE4oo multi-effects and a classical guitar (which is nothing special).

    I really trouble around with to play chords on guitar as I am used it on the piano more easily.... I cannot explain why (maybe something is wrong with my fingers of left hand *laugh*). Mainly I play just by listening and improvising on Jazz Tunes.... unconsciously I like to play scales as similar is known for Indian Ragas....

    If somebody is hear knowing about Indian Classics would be great so I can learn about Raga scales. And hopefully there are some patient folks here to give support :)

    I love a lot the Mohan Veena of Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, same Debasish Bhattacharya (who played with John McLaughlin) or great Dr. Kamala Shankar who is lovely on stage with her hubby Pt. Rajeev Janardan (Sitar)... I know this couple and must say: so humble and devotional talking with them about music... :) But this does not mean, I play good guitar *laugh*.

    That's it ! - Hope that I can learn here a lot from others and more important, share my passion for music (my musical taste is very broad from Western Classics through Jazz/Blues, Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, Salsa to Tango etc. etc. etc. ...) So I love great guitar players like Django Reinhard, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Stanley Jordon to West Montgomery, Joe Pass, George Benson and many more guitar heroes (e.g. Garry Moore)... :)

    ;-) - Greetings from SM
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    tks, Keoraf ! - Very long loading time of this site... yes, this page I know since couple of year. But good you rememberd me.

    The question of modern times now learning with software is: Did anybody already setup the "tabs" for ? This Tabulature Software is really cool and has everything to setup a fully note sheet. With the loop and metronom its really efficient to train scales up and down, quickly same trains the eyes and ears parallel.

    And it would be great to get the analogy of the Raga scales to the Jazz modal scales, e.g. here documented very beautiful the 7 main modal scales: . Yet I have not found a source, were both music systems are linked. I know from John McLaughlin, that he did such analysis by his own studies, but yet its not published.

    Jumping around from Real book to software and back, using different sources of studying books makes it little bit complicated/confusing. So "all in one" within GuitarPro 6 would be a good tool, I think. :)

    Anyhow... tks for the link. Enjoy the weekend ! TC/SM
    PS: Do you like Indian Classics ? Or even take lessons from a guru ? - Since March 2006 I present non-commercial radio shows for this genre, feel free to check this: . The different topics can be relistend in a media archive, too for self studying:
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    Oke, glad to hear you was able to load the page.
    Wanted to say, its a very slow site, takes ages to load!
    Just wanted to copy the contents for you!

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