Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology!!

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    this is from the world mysteries website link given by cryptic angel in another thread...thought its a pretty interesting topic! Its abt evidence of airplane technology in ancient India!

    follow the link to and uncover some mysteries! but rem its a website...and quoted from only one keep the critics hat on ur head!

    I would like to hear wht u guys think abt it...

    I personally liked the idea of of anti-gravitation and the fact tht a lof of facts stated in our epics like ramayana and mahabharata have been proven in recent times like the bridge between Sri lanka and India.

    if u like it forward ur reps to cryptic for bringing this to us! :beer:
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    cooooooool!! but too sleepy now to read thru the entire thng.. will do that 2mrw :)

    cant rep myself so i'll rep u instead :grin:

    besides, u need it more!!!!
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    Thanks Cryptic...i know i need it more :eek:: misadventures with stealing reason for tht dark spot...!!
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    zaada cheed-chaad mat kia karo... ;)
    reps 4u!
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    sorry yaar..
    need to spread more..
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    hmm interesting stuff Luthier!

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