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Discussion in 'Tamil Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by kingmaker, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    Could Anybody tab out the song anbil avan from vinnai thandi varuvaya?

    Sathya Sir ? Anyone?
  2. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    I have not heard this song so far. Let me hear first............. Sathya
  3. sukeerthi

    sukeerthi New Member

    Can any one pls post the guitar tabs for "kangal irandal."
  4. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    THank You ~ :D !
  5. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Heard the song yesterday. Looks bit difficult. If I am able to make it I will certainly upload...... Sathya
  6. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    Okay sir :)

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