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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Guitarnewb101, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Guitarnewb101

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    I am new to this forum. I have been playing an acoustic guitar for about a year and a half now. Havn;t been really regular in learning it, nor have I taken any classes until now. But I can easily handle all the important bar chords with their minor/sus2/sus4/7 versions.

    Anyway, I have kinda gotten bored with my acoustic. I am into rock and metal songs too(metallica, led zeppelin, ozzy, twisted sister, KISS, etc) and was interested in getting a new electric guitar. But most shops offer only givson electric guitars. I cudn't find the cheap squier version of fender or the ibanez mikro anywhere at reasonable rates.

    So what guitar is good for me?? I live in Delhi, so anything that can be found in Daryaganj or Patel Nagar??

    The thing is that most of my guitarist friends own Givson electrics. So i thought that maybe I cud get something a little different.
    But if Givson sounds nice enough, I will take it.

    Thanx in advance!

    P.S. - I had my eye on this one - Spectrum 94 FM
    Spectrum Musical Instruments - Acoustic Guitar

    Can it be found here?
  2. Guitarnewb101

    Guitarnewb101 New Member

    Also, what kinda amps are available here?
  3. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    If you would have posted in the Guitar Gear Talk Forum you wud have received better resposes

    Whats ur budget?

    And please dont buy Givson electric guitar.

    If you are too tight on budget i wud suggest save up and untill then get better on acoustic since u r just a beginner right now...
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    First fix a budget.
  5. Guitarnewb101

    Guitarnewb101 New Member

    Ryt now, it's not much, about 6-8k. I doubt I'll get anything other than givson under that.

    If I save enough money to get a decent amp, will a Yamaha 012 be a nyc guitar to go with??
  6. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    You know, I have a Givson with me, bought long time back.
    Its still works fine.

    So why do Givson's carry a bad name?
    1. Because of uber elites who will not play anything less than Made in America Fender Strat or Tele. And anything else is crap. And everyone tries to copy this attitude.
    2. Because Givson's have weak sounding pickups.
    3. Because Givson's have shoddy workmanship.
    4. Because Givson's use some Toonwood.

    4. Toonwood - I am sure most ppl cannot really distinguish between woods. What they usually hear is the difference because of pickups (different guitars come with different pickups)
    3. You can easily check the workmanship issues at the shop by holding them in your hands. The pieces that are fine, do fine, and play fine.
    2. Pickup - when you are bored of Givson, you may think of changing the pickups.
    1. Elitist attitude, no one can help you with this, but you.

    So what am I trying to say:
    1. if you are really on limited budget - and 10K in India is a hell lot of money. Givson's can be fine for learning and playing. PROVIDED you actually check for workmanship. You don't want to come home and see that the action is too high. Or the intonation is screwed. Or that the tuning doesn't hold. Or the frets are not levelled and hence buzz. Or the bridge rattles.
    2. if you are earning, then you can wait a month or two (or more), and save more than 10K. and get a Yamaha Pacifica.
    Yamahas are much better than Givson's in quality.

    And you must add the price of an amplifier to your budget.
  7. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    People with low budget should look out for used gear.
  8. Vader

    Vader New Member

    i'm sorry but you'll have to increase budget atleast to 15k
    6k for guitar plus amp is too less
  9. Guitarnewb101

    Guitarnewb101 New Member

    k. Thx for all the input.
  10. sudarshan89

    sudarshan89 New Member

    hey man check out the Java guitars they are pretty good, better than the givsons. They were around 8-7k when I bought my Java bass (EB-13). But I'd suggest that you go for some second hand stuff. My friend bought an ESP AX-50 custom + amp for 6k from Hyderabad. The guitar sounds amazing though it required a little maintenance work with the pots. The amp wasn't that great but reasonable for a beginner (stranger cube).

    Check out some ads posted on the internet. You might find something that you like.

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