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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by arnie_t8, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    Okay, so I am planning to upgrade from my current amp Roland Cube 15x. Need your suggestions for a new amp

    Genre: Should be able to handle anything from metal to soft rock. I intend to play a lot of metallica on it.

    Features I am looking for:
    1. Should be more than 15w. Should be loud enough to jam with a drummer.
    2. May have an effects loop.

    Current Gear: Ibanez Grg 220DEX with Emg 81/85, Boss me 70, Roland Cube 15x

    Wishlist : Dunlop crybaby, boss mt-2
  2. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    Common people...need your help here
  3. daxim

    daxim New Member

    If the budget can be increased by another 5k or so, I think you can get the Fender Mustang 3. (I paid 20k or so about 8 months ago). It's a 100 watt modeling amp and is great for clean to classic rock tones. It has an effects loop and takes pedals quite well.
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Do you mean to say you find 15 watts limiting?
    You sure turned the volume up full before saying that ... ?
  5. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Picked up your amp, Arnie ?
  6. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    @super admin: no..not yet..still researching

    @alpha : yes i m pretty sure i did turn the volume knob up before sayn that ,unless there was some secret way of doing it. I do find my 15w amp limiting wen i jam with a band with a loud drummer

    @daxim...thnks for the suggestion mate. Mustang 3 is way out of my budget..its for arnd 28k on bajaao. I m nt sure if i need a modelling amp..i hav got a decent processor for my tonal needs (though i find metal stack on my cube 15x anyday better n more metallica-ish than any of the distortions on my me-70)..the only advantage i see in the mustang series is the usb interface n an effects loop which i may want to experiment with n il checkout mustang 2 wen il visit a store

    Any odr suggestions are welcome.
  7. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    finally narrowed down to :
    fender mustang 2
    peavey vypyr 30
    vox valvetronix vt40+

    got some questions :
    which amp would take pedals better out of these?
    how good is the usb recording of mustang 2? is it good only with the inbuilt models or recording via pedals is good too?
  8. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    I don't get one thing.
    You have Boss ME70, why are you looking out for an amp that has inbuilt distortion and effects?
    To me it seems you are simply wasting the money on something you already have.

    Wouldn't a better thing would be to check out for colorless (tonewise) clean amps (like monitors) with gargantuan wattage?
    Boss ME doesn't sound good with clean amps? Colorless amps?
  9. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    A monitor wouldnt solve my purpose as I intend to venture into pedals and may as well sell off my me70 in the future . Without the preamps I dont think the pedals would sound good through a monitor.

    I agree that going for a modelling amp is kind of a waste of money as I dont need the extra tones. But I was justifying it this way:

    Mustang 2: 12" 40w amp+ decent usb recording (which i want now) + fender twin reverb tone(fell in love with it the very 1st time i heard it)+quality equipment - 17k -better buy

    A simple clean amp say a Stranger 40 (not a quality equipment as per reviews): 6.5k + a basic recording interface 6/7k = 13/14k

    If u can suggest any other good clean sounding amp which takes pedals/processor well and is a better buy, I would really appreciate that.
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Hmmmmm. All right if you are indeed venturing towards pedals then most pedals do indeed require a guitar amp voiced circuit.
    Or, there is one more way:
    I have Tech21 and AMT pedals which are capable of going direct to the mixers.
    Anyway, the choices today should be lot more than last decade!
    (which means I am not suited for giving you advice on which equipment today sounds great etc)
  11. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    Coming back to the previous ques, does anyone have first hand experience recording with Mustang 2. Is it good only with the inbuilt models/effects or recording via pedals/processors is good too?
  12. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    @arnie He means you go in for something like a stranger 100w, genius. It doesn't color the sound of your processor and guitar but merely amplifies it. Other manufactourers such as Fender, Marshall, peavey, and even laneys color the tone with their own iconic output. Stranger on the other hand will allow to your to explore your originaility.
  13. jr_nitr

    jr_nitr New Member

    Would recommend for fender mustang 2
  14. deepak34in

    deepak34in New Member

    I am new to this . But need a suggestion . I have order g3x online which comes with amp modulation .! Will i need to buy a amp box also ? Can cheap power speaker can serve the same purpose ??
  15. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    You have electric guitar which produces a very weak signal.
    Then you plug this into Zoom processor which you have, the Zoom will modify the signal and strengthen it a little bit, Now based on your choice you can do either of these things:
    a) This signal can be fed to PC soundcard for recording and/or reproduction via PC sound system.
    b) This signal can be fed to a DJ/mixer for reproduction via the PA system
    c) This signal can be fed to any amplifier that accepts line input signal. The amplfier boosts the signal and allows playback over large speakers (Guitar amplifiers are also in this category only)
  16. deepak34in

    deepak34in New Member

    Thank you..

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