alvida by salman ahmed

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    Can some one post the chords, strumming pattern and the solo of the song alvida by salman ahmed. i am going to play this song for my final in the guitar class at college...

    p.s i think there are two guitars playing in this song..

    thanks in advance..
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    HERE IT IS...........

    Guitar Chords "Alvida" by Salman Ahmed, 80% correct Tabs

    Asus2 Asus4 E7 Fmaj7 C/B

    intro Asus2 and Asus4

    Am F G C C/B
    Kaiese Kahon, Yeh Raaz Tujhe
    Am F G E7
    Mera Dil De, Awaaz Tujhe
    Am F G C C/B
    Youhe Rahe Tu, Mere Baad Bhi
    Am F G E7
    Tujhe Sukh De, Meri Yaad Bhi
    Chorus Am F C G this repeats
    Alvida, Alvida

    Alivida, Mera Saath Jo Diya

    Mere Dost, Shukria
    Am C F G Em G
    Alvida, Alvida


    Fmaj7 G C Am
    Meri Zindagi, Mein Sakoon Hai, Na Qaaar Hai
    F G E E7
    Mere Paas Baas, Teri Yaad Hai, Tera Pyaar Hai

    during lead, the first chords progression is played. enjoy

    this is my first posting.........please give me feedback

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