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    I'm a newbie on guitars.. This is my first post, hope you enjoy.

    As I lay, I really hate to say
    After four years, your scents still easily embraced
    Unsure if it's you or is the effects of being alone?
    Wanting you near, but its clear you will never be at home
    The many times I close my eyes, I see images of you
    And internal clips too, of the crazy things we use to do
    Like the one time getting caught making love in our van
    We both smiled as the cops slapped cuffs to our hands
    Trying to get over you is harder than ever expected
    Its like climbing the tallest mountain, which seems never ending
    As I'm approaching the top, happiness grows inside
    Couple of blinks, quick to realize theirs still more to climb
    I was told by the older, in order to get over
    A girl that you loved, listen to the devil on your shoulder
    Two wrongs don't make a right, simple words of wisdom
    but why do right when your lifelong angel is missing
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    Nice one there :)
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    datis simply awesm..!!! i mean its so soulful...gr8 one..!! :D

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