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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mandirachhetri, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. mandirachhetri

    mandirachhetri New Member

    hi every one, i am a drummer and i have a friend who sings really well, we are looking for girls who can play the lead and bass guitar and piano if possible..please contact immediately if interested... preferably someone staying near brigades.. thanks
  2. mandirachhetri

    mandirachhetri New Member

    arent there any girls in bangalore who can play the guitar ....?
  3. mandirachhetri

    mandirachhetri New Member

    thanks for your advice, i know its kindda hard to get girls who play the guitar and stuff but if i do form one its going to something different and unique isnt it? i have played for guy bands before... but now i want to do something different.
  4. Lil_Marie

    Lil_Marie New Member

    Do u guys jam anywhere as yet ?

    i'm a guitarist... i'm female.... and i live near brigade road....

    ain't it a coincidence ?? :D

  5. mandirachhetri

    mandirachhetri New Member

    i cant believe there's no one there
  6. mandirachhetri

    mandirachhetri New Member

    are you ready to audition ??
  7. mandirachhetri

    mandirachhetri New Member

    why not sure!!!
  8. Pyashin

    Pyashin New Member

    cool.....being playing guitar for last 20 26....would love to hear you gals play....all the best,
  9. anushamvasu

    anushamvasu New Member

    hey hi buddy i am interested

    hey gal can i sing if yo just listen to ma voice once ..i donno how yo feel
    i was jus looking fa a band in my place tats in mysore i dnt get such pplz to mmet up ..
    anyways lets stop this explanation.......hey can i be the vocalist fa yo band i play all avril songs and any song i can i,m a huge fan of avril so i meant tat hey if yo find tat i can be in yo band jus make a deal to check me out in yo auditions
  10. drummerzzone

    drummerzzone New Member

    regarding your requirement

    Hi Mandira.I am gaurav , a drummer located in shantinagar, banglaore.lemme know if you guys wanna jam.
  11. jyotsna_k

    jyotsna_k New Member

    hi im Jyotsna.I sing...lemme know if you guys need another vocalist...two vocalists in a band...could be fun!
  12. DeekshaR

    DeekshaR New Member

    I play guitar but not that well. I play it well enough to write my own songs.
  13. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Old Thread .. Not sure if anyone's following.

    Do you have any of your own songs / recordings ?
  14. DeekshaR

    DeekshaR New Member

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