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    Salam and hi all
    i wants to REQ and also give some of his new album songs,one i belive NA RE NA has already been givin on the site and this another i found,let me copy past whole thing :D

    Mungagan Chords by Ali Azmat, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com ยท Mungagan Chords @ 911Tabs.Com

    *This is entirely my work, AND my first tab..if its inaccurate, im really sorry and
    would like to know the real chords...
    *This is a song from Ali Azmats Social Circus..slow n all..
    *Listen to the song for the strumming pattern

    [The Intro Is On Am]

    Am C
    Yeh gugan...._____

    G ............C
    Yeh Jaltay .

    Duuri mai

    Dekhe Jahan..

    * Goes summin lyk this...but em nt sure..and again, if this's wrong plzz post up the correct version..
    * If any1 has the solo tabs n all, i'd lyk 2 knw them..




    But i wanted to request for the song Mein Challa so plzz if anyone can try to get those ill be realy greatfull :)

    if u wana listen to this album u can go to

    thanx in advance

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