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Air Supply is

  1. oh plz..cut it out!

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  2. Its just Ok-Ok..nothing great u see!

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  3. Some Numbers are downright cool...just owe u!

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  4. Really Rocking!!

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  1. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    Was listening to an old tape and had Air Supply on my mind for sometime then today i read in newspaper that they're coming to India for their concert.

    Forget R.Marx..i expect more Supply fans to be there than Richard Marx..though im myself not a very big fan, but some numbers are . :)

    Ok guys..lets talk about Air Supply!!!! :grin:

    ps-those who dont like Air Supply..umm..i have the poll, right? ;)

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  2. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs &amp; Pasta

    Er... What about the "i dont know" option?
  3. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ^ pfft..never mind
  4. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&amp;*$@*^$

    They r good, though m not crazy bout them , I njoy listening to numbers like 'All Out Of Love' and ' Now And Forever'
  5. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ^ sorry to be offtopic..man change ur avatar.im a lil petrified to see such things at 3:10 AM :p:
  6. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&amp;*$@*^$

    I love scaring people ......
  7. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :&quot;(

  8. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    yeah..nice number that is! i will soon post my faves

    so who all r goin to the concert?
  9. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    ^ LOL I guess the poll results should answer!
  10. sixstringsin

    sixstringsin ||||||

    which cities are they performin btw & when?

    I think my air supp fav is 'goodbye'
  11. guns_n_gore

    guns_n_gore hell raiser

    air supply

    who cares
  12. smoking guitar

    smoking guitar Former rapper now rocker

    all out of love
  13. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    @ sin
    11th may gurgaon
  14. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    my fave songs-
    Now n Forever
    Without You
    GoodBye (most fave)
    Here I Am
    I want to give it all
    Lost in Love (mf)
    The one that you love
    All out of Love (mf)
    Unchained Melody
    Making love outta nothing at all (mf)
    Sweet Dreams
    The way i feel (the best AS song)
    Someone (mf)

    u can find some info related to influences, similar artist and biography>>
  15. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&amp;*$@*^$

    11 May Delhi
    12 May Bangalore
    14 May Shillong
  16. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ^ do u have some other details..a link or something maybe?
  17. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&amp;*$@*^$

  18. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ^ thanx for the link

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