Agent Vinod- Tabbers' discussion thread for PUNGI and Theme of AV

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  1. This thread is meant for tabbers to contribute, discuss and try to tab "Pungi" and the theme of Agent Vinod.

    I have seen a recent request by fellow member, ImPeRial for these songs. I am busy with my job and studies, so will be building up these two songs slowly.

    I request fellow tabbers to contribute if they can. PLEASE DO NOT COPY PASTE FROM OTHER SITES!
    We all come to IGT to learn to play the guitar well, not just to pick up tabs and practice. I think independent trials for tabbing the song on our own is very essential to develop our guitar skills. Also, we need to practice tabbing by hearing the notes not through tabbing software.
    I hope guitarists will realise this and respect the need for us beginners to learn this way.

    I request beginners to try these tabs and provide their valuable feedback.

    To start off, i am posting the notes for the opening riff of PUNGI, which are also true for "O meri jaan, o meri jaan, etc" part of the song.

    The notes i have used are D,E,F,G,and A.... I expect the song to be in C major scale. It could also be in F major key...
    we never know until we go ahead with the complete song and find the other notes used are A# and C or B and C :)

    G>---------------10-10-10-10--10----9-9-10----------10-9--7---------------------------------------------... X 4 times

    I am listening to the songs, and hope will soon post more of it.


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