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  1. strings

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    this is a very good guitar piece played on a Dm chord.....

    E -----------------------------------------5------------5-------------------
    B ----------------------6----------------------6---8-------6-------------
    G ----7-7----5----7------7----5---7-------------------------7--5---7

    for the piece that comes in the middle of the song

    D -----------------------3
    A ---1S3----5-5---3------5-----1S3----5-5---3---5----------
    E ----------------------------------------------------------5--3s5--


    B ----------------6-------------6--------------8-6-------------------
    G ----7-5----7------7-5----7-----7-5----7-------------------------
    D ---------7---------------7-------------7----------------------------

    B ----------------6---------------------------8-6-------------------
    G ----7-5----7------7-5----7--5---7-5----5----------------------
    D ---------7---------------7-------------7--------------------------
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  2. anirban.d.das

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    u :rock:

    gr8 post
  3. tumhare_divya

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    great song...and accurate tabs...i enjoyed...
  4. Houstonian

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    nice TABS dude !
  5. vini

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    cool..atlast i came around more accurate tabs..presuming its ur job.. reps and 1k points for u... :grin:

  6. strings

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    thanks for all your replies....

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