Advanced Guitar Tutorial : Moving up the fretboard.

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    This is not entirely my work. I have edited/added to some of my friend's tutorial.

    In this chapter you will learn

    1. The Positions of the Guitar

    2. How to change position

    3. The guide finger

    4. The portamento and slide

    5. Notes in the fifth position

    6. Study in E minor

    7. Easy Tarrega

    8. Plegaria

    The positions of the Guitar
    The positions of the guitar are numbered in similar fashion to other stringed instruments. In the first position, the left is in place to reach the first four frets on all strings. Similarly, in the fifth position the first finger would play at the fifth fret, and the notes of the fifth position would be frets five through eight on all strings.

    Ways to change position
    Straightforward chord playing often involves jumping from position to position, but more complex solos are usually fingered to take advantage of smoother ways to make the transitions. The simplest is when the move is covered like this:-


    The Guide Finger
    Often the left hand finger can act as a guide up the string. This is one of the most common ways and it is important to understand.

    Here's the sequence. The first finger is used for the C, and stays on the string when the D is played. Then it travels up the string to the fifth fret without losing contact with the string. It doesn't have to press hard-just enough to keep contact and use the string as a guide rail.

    The Portamento
    The Portamento is a very nice technique. It can make a position change easier, but it can also add a sound to the movement which, like a slur, adds smoothness to the musical passage.

    The first note is played and held for almost is full time value. Then, with the note still sounding, the finger travels up the string to the fifth fret in time to play the E on the second beat. The finger maintains a light pressure on the string, and there is a slight "scoop" sound as it moves up. This linking sound should not be too pronounced-the real secret is to leave the first finger in place until the last possible moment, and then to travel quickly up.

    This is the kind of technique that requires experimentation until a satisfactory sound is achieved.

    The Slide (Arrastre)
    The slide, also known as the arrastre, is very similar to the portamento, except that the second note is NOT played by the right hand. More pressure is applied on the string than the technique of portamento.

    The first note is played.

    The note is held for almost its full value. Just before, the next beat, the finger slides up the string to arrive at the E exactly on the beat. The D will be heard, but obviously with diminished volume. Like the portamento, it has the effect of adding smoothness or legato to a passage.

    I'll post the rest of the tutorial soon.
    Rep me if u like my work :)

    Comments, suggestions, criticisms are welcome with open heart.

    See ya soon guyz.
    Rock on.
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  2. Johny Bravo

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    Dude couldn't figure out much from it. Can u plz simplify it? In easier words? I'll appreciate that. Nice find so far.
  3. Morbid_Angel

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    ^ I dint get u. What part dint u understand?

    The simplest changing is Playing open string and till then gettin ure wrists in postition for next 5th fret play.

    The Guide finger no power/pressure should be applied on the strings. Its just used a as a rail to guide ure finger to the next required fret. (Better Control)

    The portamento is a slide which involves less usage of power.

    The slide is a hard pressed portamento.
    These techinques add smoothness to the song.
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    ^i couldnt understand atleast 5 words
  5. Morbid_Angel

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    Hello guyz, I know its not been long but im writin summore of it now.

    Notes in the fifth position
    The notes in the fifth position involves notes from 5th to the eigth fret (9th fret on D-String for some scales like Am)
    Different fingers are used for different scales on this position.

    The finger pattern on all except D-String is regular that is 1st finger for 5th fret, 2nd finger for 6th fret etc. in Am. You can use ure brains to know which fingers to use ;)
    D-String Fingering : 1st finger for G, 3rd finger for A and 4th finger for B(Stretch it).

    Equivalent Notes
    The guitar differs from keyboard instruments in that the same note can occur in different places. This is an advantage, because different tone colorations can be achieved by playing notes in different positions. Also, it often facilitates keeping the hand in right position without having to leap backword and forward to find the right notes.

    Learning the equivalents is a device that some people use to memorize the higher position notes. For instance, you can see that the fifth fret of 2nd string is an E, and that is the same note as the 1st string. Logically, the next note will be F. the same note note as the F on the 1st fret of 1st string. Continuing this research, you will find that every note in the fifth position is the same as one in the first position, with the exception of higher notes A, B, C on the 1st string.

    You can even memorize notes when you're away from the guitar by simply working out where have the equivalents have to be. Using logic to work this out helps fix the notes in the mind.

    Try this exercise to memorize the notes. Name every note you play.

    Natural Harmonics
    Now we can tacke a really interesting piece, but first we need to learn one more technique-natural harmonics. This is quite easy once you get the feel of it.

    When a string is touched lightly by a left-hand finger at exactly half its length and then plucked by the right hand, both halves can be made to vibrate, producing a bell-like sound. The secret is to take the left-hand finger away the instant the note is played.

    1st diagram download :-

    2nd diagram download :-

    Notice in the first diagram that the finger is not on its tip but is parallel to the fretboard. This makes it possible to touch serveral strings at once.

    The second diagram shows that the finger which has been quickly lifted away once the harmonic was played.

    The finger is lifted quickly after the harmonic is played.

    Try it soon, as you will need it for my further tutorials.

    1. Place the finger lightly as shown, just touching the first string right above the twelfth fret.

    2. Play the first string with a rest stroke about an inch away from the bridge. Playing closer to the bridge makes a stronger harmonic.

    3. Take the little finger off to allow the string to vibtrate.

    Will post more of the tutorial soon.

    Again, rep me if you find my work useful ;)

    Bye till then. :)
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  6. Morbid_Angel

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    Which 5 words are those?

    Reply in this thread if u need any help and do not understand a part. Please specify the parts u dint understand.

    Note : Do not try these if ure a beginner.
  7. Morbid_Angel

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    The other lessons are in western notations. I'll post em soon too.

    If you wanna proceed with the guitar and read em with western notations. Search google on reading staff notation.
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    upload the images on igt itself or on imageshackus its better coz rapidshare sucks for my net

    reading will comment in a while
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    Ok i edited the post with imageshack links.

    Thanks for the suggestion spy.
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    you mean these r the basics to get or learn tabs.............
  11. Morbid_Angel

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    This is not the basics. Its an intermediate guitar tutorial for using the whole of the fretboard as playing in open position is not good practice.
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    Thread title says "Advanced Guitar Tutorial"
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    Thats a mistake and u know i cant edit it.
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    oh i only pointed out the typo, thought u could edit. want to read ur lessons. I have overlooked as it was categorized 'advanced'. so it is intermediate, right?
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    Yes it is. ...
    Can you seriosly change title to Intermediate Guitar Lessons?
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    I request Moderators to close this thread.
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    y too close,,,, nice and usefull post for many....
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    That's why i posted it. I want new mods to be made.

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    if you're doing for response, you're stupid.

    Do it because it helps you understand better when you explain it to someone else.

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