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    hey this is a request 2 all those guitar lovers out there 2 help me decide 2 buy a acoustic or an electric guitar..
    Well, im more into the old rock genre like Oasis, pink floyd, g n r,coldplay, MLTR, lynard skynard, nirvana,bryan adams,aerosmith,cranberries, green day, led zepplin also sme goo goo dolls, beatles, air supply ....couple of boyzone, ronan nos....njoy playin those gr8 guitar riffs.
    the other side is that im an MBBS student, cnt dedicate cmpltly 2 form a band or smthing, wana play it 4 myself n frnds. cnt spend exhobriantly on guitar.
    i have basic knowledge of chords n notes. cn any1 of u guide me by xplainin pros n cons of both electric n acoustic. n which 1 n what 2 buy lik amplifier n others if possible the cost 2.
    will be very gr8ful 2 all those who cn help me out.
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    Dont make multiple threads.
    Anyway no one will post here, beacuse it wont add to his post count.

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