acoustic or electric???

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  1. viral_jain

    viral_jain New Member

    hey this is a request 2 all those guitar lovers out there 2 help me decide 2 buy a acoustic or an electric guitar..
    Well, im more into the old rock genre like Oasis, pink floyd, g n r,coldplay, MLTR, lynard skynard, nirvana,bryan adams,aerosmith,cranberries, green day, led zepplin also sme goo goo dolls, beatles, air supply ....couple of boyzone, ronan nos....njoy playin those gr8 guitar riffs.
    the other side is that im an MBBS student, cnt dedicate cmpltly 2 form a band or smthing, wana play it 4 myself n frnds. cnt spend exhobriantly on guitar.
    i have basic knowledge of chords n notes. cn any1 of u guide me by xplainin pros n cons of both electric n acoustic. n which 1 n what 2 buy lik amplifier n others if possible the cost 2.
    will be very gr8ful 2 all those who cn help me out.
  2. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Whats ur budget ??
    coz if ur budget is very less and if u plannin to buy some Java Electric and other stuff then plz dont...rather go for a good acoustic guitar like Granada, Pluto...... but if u r ready to spend above 12K then buy an electric guitar.
    Again.........wts ur budget????
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Eve if the budget is 15K, I would suggest you buy an acoustic if you love and want that rich acoustic tone.

    Viral, all the stuff you meantioned can be eaily played on acoustic. What I mean is that that stuff does not require distortion in true sense. You can play it with clean acoustic guitar and it will still sound the same.

    If you are playing some Cannibal Corpse, or Testament - then I woud've straightaway said Electric, because that kind of sound relies uopn electric guitar and distotion.

    Pros and cons of electric and acoustic?
    Haha, acoustic guitar:
    - Portable
    - Much suited for Indian scenario (with all the powers cuts and load shedding)
    - Amazing sweet acoustic tone
    - Builds a better playing technique. Less sustain, more tense strings, higher action forces you to be less sloppy in your playing.
    - You cant get great distortion from it. Even if you set-up a pickup on it - the acoustic guitar is prone to acoustic feedback (like those microphone howling and whining you hear on stage)
    - Has less of "tashan" value

    Electric guitar:
    - Opposite of what all I typed above
  4. viral_jain

    viral_jain New Member

    thank u all very much!!!!

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