Acoustic Or Electric

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by slipknot_555, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    yup pick ur fav.. which type of guitar u like most the acoustic sound or electric sound??

    my pick is acoustic.. it has sweet op..

    wht abut u ppl???
  2. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    depends. I usually practice on an acoustic but an electric is pretty much dressed to impress.
  3. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    i love accoustic when it comes to nice chimy kinda sound and electric for rock and solo kinda stuff!
  4. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    acoustic is good anytime...english mostly for shows and alll for lartge crowds ...
  5. cool_is_rule

    cool_is_rule Lead Guitarist

    Acoustic ...........

    I love ACOUSTIC............

    cOoL iS :rule:
  6. Mr. Scary

    Mr. Scary Bass-tard Child

    For bass, i tweak with the active eq band to get the right sound.
  7. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    dude, you have accoustic bass too?
  8. Addy Pant

    Addy Pant Highway Star

    Electric anytime.........
  9. Mr. Scary

    Mr. Scary Bass-tard Child

    Nah, just an electric. I find that with a little bit of tweaking i can play along with metal/jazz/acoustic without sounding out of place.
  10. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    yup agree acoustic is nice n smooth thn electric!!! c for JaL they use mosly acoustic riffs in their song n it has nice sweeet effecT!!!
  11. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    ACOUSTIC... rules...:)

  12. guns_n_gore

    guns_n_gore hell raiser

    eletric guitar rox
  13. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    may u gott sum sweet thing goin on !!!! lol


    cool huh
  14. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    ahhh! this reminds me to ask once again : who invented guitar?! :grin:

    who invented : accoutic , semi accoustic and electric??????
  15. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    :think: no idea man!!!! :annoyed:
  16. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    i just recollect the wierdo who invented spanigh it behind a Lays Chips Cover a few months back! :think:

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